Dr. Alex Gets Botox for the First Time

Dr. Alex recently got his first ever Botox treatment. But the area where he received it might surprise you.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein used to treat wrinkles caused by facial expression. Botox is used to treat the frown lines you see between your eyebrows when you frown, the horizontal wrinkles you see on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows, and the crow’s feet you see around your eyes when you smile or squint. Botox can also be used for a number of other areas and concerns. Botox works be relaxing your muscles, which smoothens out your wrinkles. With any injection there are risks such as pain, bleeding, bruising, infection, redness, swelling, and tenderness. Dr. Alex uses a painless Botox injection technique to maximize your comfort. And if you have a bruise after your Botox treatment, we provide complimentary laser bruise treatments as early as the next business day; this makes the bruise go away much faster. You’ll see the results of your Botox treatment after a few days, but it could take up to two weeks to see the full results of your Botox treatment. Before your Botox treatment we’ll take pictures of you making facial expression. We’ll take the same pictures two to three weeks after your Botox treatment. And if your Botox results aren’t perfect and you received the recommended dose of Botox you will receive complimentary additional Botox units. Most people enjoy their Botox results for three to four months. At that time, Dr. Alex recommends a maintenance Botox treatment. We participate in the Brilliant Distinctions Program. This is a rewards program designed by Allergan, makers of Botox. You get points for each Botox treatment and you can use these points to get a discount at your next Botox treatment.

I can’t believe Dr. Alex hasn’t gotten Botox

Many people are surprised to hear that Dr. Alex has never had a Botox treatment because his skin looks so good. Dr. Alex has been taking care of his skin for decades by using sunscreen, wearing hats, and using a variety of skin care products. Dr. Alex also receives regular chemical peels and laser treatments. All of these things help the appearance of the skin. They prevent breakdown of collagen and stimulate new collagen formation. Collagen is the protein in the skin that keeps it tight. When you loose collagen you start to see wrinkles. So by taking preventive measure, Dr. Alex has not formed wrinkles and has not needed Botox. This is why Dr. Alex firmly believes that using skin care products and receiving different types of treatments will help your skin look better in the long run.

What area did Dr. Alex receive Botox?

Dr. Alex received Botox in the masseter muscle. This is a muscle in the lower face that you use to bite down. Like many people, Dr. Alex clenches his teeth without realizing it, often times while asleep. Over time, this makes the masseter muscle stronger and larger. This leads to tension in the muscle which can cause pain known as TMJ pain. Relaxing the masseter muscle using Botox can relieve the pain. Placing Botox in the masseter muscle can also slim the lower face, making you look like you’ve lost weight. Dr. Alex received the Botox treatment from his friend, colleague, and neighbor Dr. John Joseph, a well-respected doctor who has been performing cosmetic treatments for over 30 years. The Botox treatment has helped relax Dr. Alex’s masseter muscle and he feels much less tension in the area. You can also see a subtle slimming of the lower face in the before and after pictures.

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