Additional Policies in Place in Light of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At A E Skin safety is our top priority. This is why we have created new policies to protect our patients, staff, and guests after the Coronavirus outbreak. Here we describe a few more policies. Our tentative plan is to reopen on Saturday May 16, 2020 after the Safer at Home order expires on Friday May 15, 2020.

Getting Refreshments

We pride ourselves with offering a comfortable environment with refreshments for our patients and guests. At this time, we ask that patients not take food, drinks, or refreshments themselves. It would be our pleasure for our staff to get it for you and sanitize it, if appropriate.

Opening Doors

We ask that patients not open or close doors in our office. All patient’s will be escorted by our staff who will open and close the door wearing gloves.

Washing Face

Our staff will be assisting patients when they wash their face. Our staff will be wearing gloves and will turn faucets on and off for patients. Our staff will also dispense facial cleanser into patients’ hands so that patients do not need to touch the products.

Product Display

We have products for display on our front desk. We ask that patients not touch the products directly. Kindly ask our staff and they will be able to help.

Investments in Products

We are proud to carry a variety of high-quality skin care products. When patients invest in a product our staff will first sanitize the front-desk counter, then sanitize the product and place it on the clean counter. Next a bag will be sanitized and placed on the clean counter. Finally, the product will be placed in the bag. Our staff will be wearing gloves throughout this process. We normally place tissue paper in our bags to give a nice touch. However, since it is difficult to sanitize the tissue paper, we will temporarily not be placing tissue paper in the bags. We thank our patients for their kind understanding.

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