A E Skin #nofilter Treatment Featured in Beyond the Interview

We are excited to announce that the famous A E Skin #nofilter treatment designed by Dr. Alex has been featured in Beyond the Interview.

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What is the #nofilter treatment?

The #nofilter treatment is a combination treatment Dr. Alex designed to treat multiple concerns in a single treatment. The #nofilter treatment addresses uneven color such as dark spots, redness and broken capillaries, irregular texture, dull skin, fine lines, wrinkles, loose skin, enlarged pores, and acne and other scars. The #nofilter treatment combines a Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial with an Ultra Microneedling treatment. The Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial is the first step in the #nofilter treatment. The Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment uses bright light to eliminate undesired dark spots, redness, and broken capillaries. The second step in the #nofilter treatment is an Ultra Microneedling treatment, which makes tiny holes in the skin. This stimulates your skin to make new, fresh, and healthy collagen, giving you a bright, glowing complexion and improving textural irregularities such as fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. The treatment itself takes a few minutes and you can expect to be in the office for about one hour. We will provide aftercare products to help with your recovery, which is usually complete in a few days.

What is Beyond the Interview?

Beyond the Interview is a website designed by Nicole Behnam and Mariella Rudi to educate people about many things that are going on right now, including treatments such as the A E Skin #nofilter treatment. The mission of Beyond the Interview is “to explore lives beyond the pictures, beyond the gossip, and beyond the mainstream media's incomplete portrayals.”

The A E Skin #nofilter treatment has become more and more popular since Dr. Alex designed #nofilter treatment. Patients are loving their #nofilter treatment results and sharing the word about the #nofilter treatment.

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