New Policies Effective April 2020 in Light of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization. The health and safety of our patients, staff, and guests are our top priorities. Therefore, our office was temporarily closed effective March 20, 2020 for everyone’s safety and pursuant to the Safer at Home emergency order by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti. At A E Skin our top priorities are the health and safety of our patients, staff, and guests. Therefore, upon reopening, we have set a number of new policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines to ensure safety. Many people will be understandably reluctant to go out of their homes and visit our office. Although there will/have been a number of guidelines set forth to protect everyone, in order to meet our standards of excellence, we have implemented many guidelines that go above and beyond those that are already recommended. We know that some of these policies will be inconvenient to you, but these are designed to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Greeting Patients and Guests

Although we enjoy having a warm and friendly atmosphere, we will not be shaking hands and we will ask patients to sit in specific areas to maximize social distancing.


All areas will be fully sanitized before and after each patient enters/exits the area. This includes countertops, door handles, sinks, etc. The entire office is also fully sanitized at the beginning and end of each business day.

Face coverings

Everyone entering the building will be required to cover their face with a mask, scarf, etc. and we will require our patients to keep such protection on as much as possible during the office. Please be sure to wear a mask or other material to cover your face prior to entering the building and our office. The protection will be taken off when necessary, for treatments, to wash your face, to numb the skin, for photography, etc.

Social Distancing

We will keep one person in each room and staff will escort patients from one room to another to ensure safe social distancing. We kindly ask that you stay in the room until the staff is ready for you. Everyone in the office will be required to stay at least six feet from others with certain exceptions such as during treatments. Patients, guests, and/or staff will not be permitted to congregate in areas such as the hallway or reception area.

Personal Protective Equipment

Staff will be wearing masks and gloves to protect everyone. We will provide you with gloves and face masks if we have enough in stock (as such protective equipment has been on allocation or back order and supplies are limited). Patients will be required to sanitize their hands when they enter and exit the office; this will be available at the front desk. We will also have hand sanitizers throughout the office and you will have access to it. Additionally, we will provide gloves for patients to wear (if available). If supplies are available, we will provide travel size hand sanitizers to our patients. Upon exiting our office, we will provide sanitary wipes, towels, tissues, etc. (if available) to our patients to use when opening doors, pressing elevator buttons, etc.

Waiting Times

Although we have a policy of not having patients wait, with the new policies that we have implemented, there may be additional waiting periods. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.


We have many brochures and pamphlets in our office for our patients to browse. We have had extra printed and ask that you do not place any literature back where it was found. Instead, kindly take it with you or dispose of it in a trash can (available in each room).


We will be limiting the number of patients in the office to a minimum. Although we greatly appreciate your kind referrals, we kindly request that you do not bring guests with you to your appointments; including friends, family, or children. It would be our pleasure to schedule an appointment for them at a different time.


The valet service is currently having patients park their cars themselves; this may change. In order to limit the number of patients in the office, we may ask that you remain in your car and we will contact you via telephone or text message to ask you to come upstairs to our office.

Limitations of Treatments

We will not be treating lips with injectables for the time being. This may change at the appropriate time.

New Consent Form

All patients entering the office will be required to sign a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) consent form whether or not they are having a treatment.


We will continue to take investments in the form of credit cards and cash. Credit cards will be sanitized with wipes before and after processing transactions. If you prefer, you can read your credit card number to our staff it would be our pleasure to enter the information manually. Cash will also be accepted. However, change will not be provided. Instead, any change due will be credited to your account. All investments in the form of cash will be placed in an envelope to be opened after three days.

Getting Refreshments

We pride ourselves with offering a comfortable environment with refreshments for our patients and guests. At this time, we ask that patients not take food, drinks, or refreshments themselves. It would be our pleasure for our staff to get it for you and sanitize it, if appropriate.

Opening Doors

We ask that patients not open or close doors in our office. All patient’s will be escorted by our staff who will open and close the door wearing gloves.

Washing Face

Our staff will be assisting patients when they wash their face. Our staff will be wearing gloves and will turn faucets on and off for patients. Our staff will also dispense facial cleanser into patients’ hands so that patients do not need to touch the products.

Product Display

We have products for display on our front desk. We ask that patients not touch the products directly. Kindly ask our staff and they will be able to help.

Investments in Products

We are proud to carry a variety of high-quality skin care products. When patients invest in a product our staff will first sanitize the front-desk counter, then sanitize the product and place it on the clean counter. Next a bag will be sanitized and placed on the clean counter. Finally, the product will be placed in the bag. Our staff will be wearing gloves throughout this process. We normally place tissue paper in our bags to give a nice touch. However, since it is difficult to sanitize the tissue paper, we will temporarily not be placing tissue paper in the bags. We thank our patients for their kind understanding.

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